Outdoor christmas lights ideas for the roof

How To Make and Decorate Entertaining. Some neighbors love to show their love for the season by covering every inch of space with colorful lights and twinkling decorations. Check out these 15 vibrant, themed and over-the-top light displays for a festive start to the holidays. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email.

Photo By: Flavio Vallenari. Gingerbread House Nothing is more scrumptious than a candy-adorned home with icing all around the edges. This life-size gingerbread-style home has extra-large candy pieces and lollipops above and beside every window, and peppermints even line the roof.

This family turned their home and yard into Princess Lolly's Lollipop Woods. The weather may be hot, but you can still bring the wintry and festive feel of Christmas to you.

This lakeside home was turned into a tropical Christmas retreat. The homeowners added lights to palm trees, blue reindeer to the dock and neon lights to cover every part of the home that's visible from the water. Rather than turn their garden into a traditional Christmas light display, these homeowners outlined plants and blooming flowers in a variety of lights for a stunning and colorful Secret Garden look.

It's Christmas at the North Pole all year long, so Santa Claus' home must be decorated to the nines with vibrant lighting, garland, red bows, wreaths and candles in the windows. This festive, snow-covered home looks like it could be occupied by Saint Nick himself. Christmas is the busiest season of the year; there are toys to build and gifts to deliver. This home was turned into a festive and bustling Christmas village.

With warm and cozy homes, a rolling train nearby and elves busy at work, this is certainly the most spirited place to be during the Christmas season. These homeowners turned their festive front yard into every child's dream. Giant teddy bears, toy soldiers and other classic Christmas toys bring a child-like spin to the typical Christmas light display. This home may be small, but the Christmas display is nothing less than extravagant and over-the-top.

How to Hang Christmas Lights on a Shingle Roof

With no theme in mind, the entire house, yard and roof are covered in the brightest and most holiday-inspired pieces. Nontraditional Christmas colors are oftentimes the most eye-catching displays. These neon-purple lights intermingle with classic reindeer figures, an inflatable Santa and candy canes, causing the bold hues to stand out even more. This home went all out but kept it classic. The home, windows and yard were outlined in classic white lights and topped with an extra-large star.

The yard was adorned with peppermints, snowmen, reindeer, jingle bells and Christmas trees to tie in everyone's holiday favorites. Covered in colored lights and garland, this fenced-in yard makes a bold and festive statement with a giant inflatable Santa Claus, miniature Polar Express and decorative yard accessories.

Rather than focusing on inflatables and decorative accessories, these homeowners wanted to emphasize the power of pure lighting. The entire roof was covered in a layer of colored lights with matching icicles dripping from the edges all the way around. The concept may be simple, but the look is extravagant and unbelievably vibrant.Traditional white icicle lights are the most popular, however you can also find color combinations such as red with green and blue with white to match a custom light theme.

Cascading light tubes and falling icicles fit standard C9 and C7 sockets. Christmas lights come in a full spectrum of bright colors which leaves no limit to the creative possibilities you have when choosing a theme for your roof light display.

Popular color choices for the roof include the cozy glow of classic clear incandescent and warm white LED Christmas lights, the contrasting vivid, pure color tone of cool white LEDs, and of course, playful multicolor bulbs. They cast a warm glow and are generally inexpensive. However, incandescent lights do require more electrical planning to account for the additional wattage they use in relation to the limits of your home and stringers.

Carry your roof display out into the yard with multicolor string lights and net lights too! Alternating bulb colors and creating light patterns is another playful way to draw attention to your Christmas roof light display. The color combinations below are some of the most popular found during Christmas time. One of our favorite outdoor Christmas light ideas is to combine two styles of lights across your roofline.

A layering of light styles creates a multidimensional display that truly stands out. In the photo below, a combination of red, green and white C9 bulbs has been layered with warm white icicle lights to create a gorgeous roof light display. However, for shingles, two light clips may be needed to support the dual light styles.

LED triangle lights for gaming room is available now! Popular Roof Light Colors. RF remote programmed hexagon lights used on birthday party. Measure first — Professional light installers always have a tape measure handy.

There is no other way to accurately determine how many lights will be needed, and what lengths of string lights to use. The right light clip makes all the difference. For large or custom lighting projects, purchase a light spool and cut wire as needed.Disclaimer: Do not attempt to hang Christmas lights when snow or ice is visible on the ground or on the roof, or during wet weather conditions.

It is incumbent upon the homeowner, to follow all building codes and safety codes, and to ensure their own safety.

It is advisable that only a professional should stand or walk on a roof and only sparingly to avoid the risk of damage to the shingles. Always have someone with you during the entire installation process.

outdoor christmas lights ideas for the roof

In addition, certain medical conditions may make hanging Christmas lights and working at heights a hazardous activity for you. Please exercise all caution and consult with your physician first if advisable.

If you want your home to contribute to the Christmas spirit, there are plenty of light and style options that you can choose from. Even your choice of gutter shingle light clips can change the look of your holiday display. On the other hand, while you may be excited to see the festive rooftop decor, few homeowners are truly comfortable with installing lights at roof height.

You may even be able to put up your Christmas lights without a ladder and get that holiday cheer without stress! Further, there is a lot of misinformation out there about nailing or stapling your lights to the roof. You should never poke a hole in your asphalt shinglesor any other part of your roof, no matter how small.

Plus, we also have some tips about how to make your roof light display look lovely, whether your style is traditional, or you prefer rainbow lights in funky patterns. Even small holes in the shingles can create leaks. By using clips you can have a huge display, with as many fasteners as you need, without worrying about leaving a bunch of holes in your roof.

On areas of the roof that do not have gutters, attach the clips to the drip edge or the shingle, but be careful to avoid lifting the shingles in a way that breaks the sealant bond to the shingle below it, and avoid puncturing holes in your shingles or siding. Alternatively, you can use adhesive strips to attach the clips to the vertical face of your home. There are a few other types of Christmas light roof clips that you should avoid in order to protect the integrity of your roof.

We recommend that you avoid the clips that tuck under shingles. Do you prefer the pure color of white LED lights? Or are you a traditionalist who loves the soft, warm glow from incandescent lights? Whichever lights you choose to use on your roof should be rated for outdoor use. Whether you prefer the pure color of white LED light or are a traditionalist who loves the warm glow of incandescent lights, be sure the lights you choose are rated for outdoor use.Christmas is always a magical time of unequaled joy, and Christmas decorating is a sure activity in all homes.

When it comes to outdoor Christmas decorating, the very first thing that we can do is creating a nice light display. The colorful, sparkling and twinkling lights on the walls and edges of a house makes it look like a palace. In this article we present you the best 46 outdoor christmas lighting ideas that are sure to illuminate your holiday spirit, and delight your guests and neighbors!

They are all good ideas to spread happiness. Source: vissbiz. Source: diynetwork. Source: interiordesigninfo. Tutoriral: blog. Source: bigstockblog.

Source: houzz. Tutorial: decorandthedog. Source: wayfair. Source: marthastewart. Source: rescuehumor. Source: midwestliving. Source: smallgardenideas. Source: topthistopthat. Source: homedit. Source: pinterest.

How To Hang Christmas Lights On Your Roof: Tips And Tricks!!!

Source: lowes. Source: christmaslightsetc. Source: hgtv. Source: reddit. Source: roomzaar. Source: plus. Source: realhousedesign. Source: lightupyourholidays. Source: rubyjax. Source: globalfriends. Source: jamesmartinassociates.Add some seasonal flair to your outdoor space with simple, yet festive holiday lighting. From string lights to solar powered LEDs there are plenty of ways to pour on the cheer without breaking the bank or tangling with bunches of electrical cords. To get yourself into the holiday spirit here are the best outdoor Christmas lights displays.

Over the doorway is evergreen garland punctuated with found pine cones. Two large urn planters brimming with branches and twinkly lights make a dramatic statement. You do not have to skimp on holiday cheer just because it does not snow much in your neck of the woods. They personalized their outdoor space with red and white lighting and vintage accents. First, let's talk about the lights on top of the house.

outdoor christmas lights ideas for the roof

The smart duo took measurements of the roof before trimming strands of light to be an exact fit. Another bright idea worth stealing, the previous year they hired a professional electrician to install outdoor outlets under the eaves for exterior lighting. The couple also wrapped string lights around the garland framing the front door. To magnify the twinkling lights, they added star shaped tin reflectors from the s found on eBay.

The cherry on this merry display is the old cow skull. While the bloggers are pretty confident that their neighbors hate it, we absolutely heart it. Inside the two white ones are LED candles. Lighting up the black lanterns are battery operated copper wire string lights. Along the sides of her house are commercial grade cafe string lights. Erica Smith, the lifestyle blogger who pens Tell It To Your Neighborsays outdoor lighting makes her home more welcoming during the holidays.

outdoor christmas lights ideas for the roof

Dangling from the roof are white icicle lights. The gate on her driveway is topped off with a Christmas wreath with battery operated LEDs. Give yourself and your neighbors a visual treat this holiday season with this tutorial by Hoosier Homemade that shares how to make balls of light for your front yard. To get the job done, you will need chicken wire, a pair of cutting pliers, zip ties, and a couple of packs of string lights. Some of the supplies you will need to get crafting include a sheet of plywood, tall wooden craft letters, spray paint, light bulbs rated for outdoor use, and a nail gun.

We love thrifty DIY projects that make a stylish first impression. Dawn Isaac the mommy blogger from Little Green Fingers who is always dreaming up ways to get her kids more interested in gardening brightened up her walkway for Christmas using real snowballs and tea lights. After making and stacking the snowballs, she pushed a tea light through one of the gaps near the ground and lit it using a battery operated barbecue lighter.

You do not have a drop a stack of cash at your local garden center to deck out your yard for Christmas. The best part? Each little tree takes around 15 minutes to make. Erin from the Sunny Side Up Blog decked out her front porch with lanterns and two pre-lit, artificial Christmas trees rated for outdoor use. A few years ago she had six wooden stars wrapped in string lights illuminating her front yard. Each one measured around eight feet tall and four feet wide.

What she likes about her idea is that the stars can be left out all winter without feeling out of step with the season. Interior design enthusiast and blogger Courtney, from the French Country Cottagedecorated her side porch with faux flocked greenery and twinkly strands of lights. The latter is battery operated and works on a timer, so they turn on at dusk automatically. Elegant Outdoor Holiday Lighting. Continue to 2 of 12 below.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Whether you want traditional white string lights, oversized retro-style lights, or something completely different, like color-changing LEDs, you can find it all online. Here are the best outdoor Christmas lights to illuminate your space.

This strand of outdoor lights has warm white bulbs on a green wire, and the whole thing is around 20 feet in length, making it perfect for decorating a tree or your home's porch. Plus, if you want more length, you can connect up to five of these strands together.

These Christmas lights come with two flasher bulbs, two replacement bulbs, and two spare fuses. They have an inch lead wire and a 3-inch end connector, and reviewers say the strands are robust with bright, clear lights.

These holiday lights can be controlled from any iOS device, and you can adjust their color and brightness, as well as control the different effects.

There are up to 16 million color combinations, so you can accomplish just about anything with these splurge-worthy string lights! You can choose from 10 lighting effects, including tri-color, single fade, rainbow fade, twinkle, and more, and the app even lets you adjust the speed and direction of the lighting pattern. Cool, right? The bulbs are 4 inches apart on the green wire, and you can connect up to 10 strands end-to-end to decorate larger areas. The LED lights can provide up to 90 percent energy savings over standard super-bright string lights, and the package comes with four extra bulbs, to boot.

These LED lights have eight settings, including steady on, twinkle, waves, slow fade, and more. Large-bulb Christmas lights have a distinctly retro vibeand the Home Accents Holiday Multi-Colored Incandescent C9 Lights would make a fun addition to your outdoor display.

Top 46 Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas Illuminate The Holiday Spirit

These strands feature 24 feet of multi-colored C9 bulbs, and you can connect two strands end-to-end if needed. The lights come with an extra fuse, and if one bulb burns out, the others will stay lit. Plus, reviewers say these Christmas lights are quite durable and look stunning when used to decorate the exterior of your home. White lights more your style? These commercial-grade Christmas lights are both UL- and wet-rated for outdoor use, and you can connect up to three strands together for more coverage.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas For The Roof

Reviewers like that the strands are heavy-duty and stay cool to the touch, but several note that the "Champagne" colored lights have a pink tint to them. These quaint outdoor lights feature a ground-mounted solar panel, which provides them with six to eight hours of runtime per day.

The fairy-style lights come on a foot strand with LED bulbs, and you can choose from a variety of colors, including warm white, regular white, red, and blue. According to buyers, these solar-powered Christmas lights are perfect for wrapping around trees in your yard, and they automatically turn on at dusk, saving you from having to manually switch them on. Plus, reviewers say the lights will even work on gloomy days—ideal for winter.

Icicle lights are a popular choice for decorating the trim of houses during the winter, and the Home Accents Holiday Clear Icicle Lights are both reliable and affordable. Each string has white bulbs on a white wire, and you can connect up to three sets per outlet. These icicle lights come with spare bulbs and fuses, and if one light burns out, the others will still stay lit.

The lights are UL-approved for outdoor use, and reviewers love the affordable price, writing that the lights look stunning when lit up on your porch against the snow. These lights are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and the string is about 20 feet in length.

Style Once upon a time, your choices for outdoor Christmas lights were limited, but today, there are dozens of styles to choose from. In addition to standard string lights, there are icicle lights, novelty lights, ground lights, and even light projectors.

Length and size If you go with traditional string lights, be sure to check how long the strands are and measure the space where you want to put them.

Most string lights need to be plugged into an outlet, and you might need an extension cord to help them reach. Other units are solar- or battery-powered, which can make setup a little easier.With the holidays right around the corner, it is time to share your holiday spirit with your home decor. Some of you may have been resisting the urge to bust out your Christmas decorations since October, but there are several others that may be stressing over how to get their home holida ready without the hassle.

Perhaps, you might be worried that decking the halls means emptying our your wallet. Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate on a dime without hours of crafting. Outside Christmas lighting offers the perfect opportunity for inexpensive decorations and endless possibilities. Whether you want to create an over the top winter wonderland or a tranquil spot of holiday cheer, we have compiled a great list of lighting accessories that set your home aglow this holiday season.

These Innoo Tech Solar String lights are a beautiful option for adding some light to your patio, deck or other outside gathering space. The whimisical globe lights smit a soft amber glow and perfect for relaxing under the stars. These solar lights are weather-resistant and are prepared to cold rain or snowy conditions. These lights can also be used indoors which lends some creative decoration opportunities in spaces with natural light.

Also known as fairy lights, this accessory was made to create a romantic peaceful vibe. Each Plus, starting at around ten dollars a rope, you can cover a lot of space for just a little expense. Anoter plus is that these lights will look great hanging up throughout the entire year.

Add some color to your outdoor decor with these unique LED ball-style fairy lights. Each 72 foot rope holds LED lights to illuminate your yard, patio or other outdoor space. The multicolor look will add a festive flair to your outdoor Christmas lights and other Christmas accessories. One of our favorite things about these lights are their long lighting time.

With enough sunlight exposure during the day, these LED lights will work for more than eight hours, even in the rain. This specific type of lighting offers several settings, such as twinkle. This allows you complete control over the type of mood you want to set.

These Brightech Ambience Pro are extremely unique and are quickly becoming a trend in lighting home decor. The industrial look of the hanging socket and bulb shape allows you to give your outdoor space a contemporary feel. This brand is also a customer favorite because of its reputation for durablilty.

These commercial grade lights will last your through the holiday season and throughout the year, The adorable lights were designed to be arranged in a number of ways and installed quickly and easily. Each light socket has a loop to allow you to place it anyway you like.

Get creative and create a chandlier appearance by layering these lights. Believe us, they look as unique as their name. These multicolor fairy lights give off a party vibe with their textured ball design. Also, there is no fuss involved.

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